The Death Race is not only physically and mentally more demanding than the 5K obstacle course races it has inspired, it’s something more. It's equal parts brilliant and stupid, deliberate and absurd. It's chaotic and unfair. It's primal. And for those who make the pilgrimage every year to the Green Mountains of Vermont to attempt the legendary race, it's a rite of passage.
THE DEATH RACE documentary follows a group of racers as they take on one of the most brutal and absurd challenges in endurance sport. From first-timers to Death Race veterans, some with something to prove and others with demons to face, we experience the race through the eyes of those who live and breathe it. The film follows the diverse field through every excruciating and absurd challenge to explore the big question:  "Why are you here?"
Standing in their way is race creator Joe De Sena, a larger-than-life character who seems to delight in the suffering he dishes out. Joe and his team set forth a series of increasingly difficult challenges in an attempt to break each and every racer. For Joe, the Death Race is the response to a world gone soft. But is he sadistic? Is there a method to his madness?
Only a select few will reach the finish line and claim their prize: a cheap, plastic skull. But for Joe and the Death Racers, the real victory comes in embracing the absurdity, digging deep, and finding a path forward through life’s obstacles.

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